Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Short Story: Deep Cover Engagement

So, I was going through some forums and came across a story contest being held over at Gromet's Plaza. The topic was a crime fighting woman, and rather quickly an idea came to mind. So I wrote out a quick story on it, I maybe could have gone longer but I tried to keep it short since the story contest specified a maximum of 6,000. I still went way over that amount, and had to edit down the story quite a bit removing whole scenes to make it fit.

So I wanted to also post the story here in its fullness. I have no idea when/where the contest is happening, but I'm not going to link to it cause I don't want to try to funnel people from here to vote there and throw the fairness off. I sometimes find a random topic like this can be a change of pace that is good for resetting the mind. I'm sure many would prefer this be a story about the main girls, but it's just its own thing all on its own. Hope you enjoy:

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Deleted scene!

So, I suddenly realized how ungodly long it has been. The past year has been exhausting, draining, not just from work but just.. all of it. Anyway, I've never fully given up on this, but I keep having difficulty concentrating on it often and I keep reworking and re-refining how everything's going. I can't give you an update unfortunately about when a full next story will be up, but in the mean time I do at least have one section that I know for sure will not be in the next story. I wrote it, I like it, but I realized a better way for things to naturally go. Normally I'd take something like that and store it for maybe being recycled into a future story but this small bit can't really do that.

So I present the first bit of a deleted segment of a story, and all you need to know is that Andrea and Zaianb are at a party, and as they came in there's a large room where costumes are out for people to put on. Andrea is having trouble picking what to wear, so she and Zainab get one of the people working there to dress her up in the "swankiest" attire available. It may not be much, but enjoy:

Friday, March 3, 2017

A Slight change

So I have been writing more, but something new has come up. I started this whole series a while ago with the idea originally of trying to lump all my various kinky scenarios into a continuous story so I wouldn't need to re-create characters or re-establish dynamics each time I wanted to write a story. It built up a bit beyond my original plan, but the broad stroke outline has been mostly the same since I started writing about the cabin.

I've been making pages and pages of progress, but I've been finding I've kind of hit a wall of sorts. It's not just my different life, I'm able to focus more of late and spend more time writing. I'm just having trouble getting moving past where I'm currently at. A weird kind of writer's block.

And of all the places I thought I might get inspiration from, I didn't expect a network show I just started on Netflix to be able to tell me why. For those who haven't seen it, Jane the Virgin is really crazy over-the-top. But in an episode I just watched recently, Jane (who writes on the side) got the advise that when you reach a block, sometimes you need to look farther back. And so I started questioning my long-held outline for where things will be going to see if changing that might help.

I've always liked having twists in my writing. I think they keep suspense when you know they are a possibility at any time. However, I try to keep them within the real of likelihood to not be rejected out of hand. My biggest criticism to myself from the series is I think I may have crossed that line (or at least got very close) with some of Sophia's contract stuff. But what I'm at the edge of now, might require as much or more unrealism and I think that might be what's hampering me. Either that or I'm feeling it's maybe too mean. So I've started thinking about what else to do with the long arc of the story. And since removing that restriction and creating a new path, I'm writing better again. It unfortunately means shelving a lot and repurposing what I can, but such is life.

I still don't have a time table, I'm still not writing as fast as I was a year+ ago, but I wanted to give a little update about a recent change. I'm writing faster than I was half a year ago, and hopefully faster still with this shift, but it does mean some work has been lost.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

An Update with unfortunatly little new to add

Hi all. I just got reminded how long it's been since I've said anything more and though I'd do that now.

I've said before that the change to my work life has made me less productive. But a big specter that I haven't talked about was the election. Politics have always been important to me, it was what for a time I thought I wanted to do with my life. Andrea going to AU was not a random pick, it is my alma mater, her room was basically my room (for those who care/know enough to figure out which dorm that is). But my usual passing watch of news et al has been increasingly replaced as this election got into the closing months (which is seriously way too long). It has to a large degree consumed me whenever I had a free moment.

I know statistically, many of you will be on one side while the rest will be on others. So I've resisted the temptation to let politics bleed into this side of my life. It is sad to say that ~40% of either side believe that the other side winning could pose a threat to the country. So not only would I divide my readership by landing on one side of this, but I'd worry that I would offend at a deep level someone who may feel my side is a threat to the country.

Now that the election is over I'm hoping I can regain some sanity. I feel almost like a junkie, that my worry and passion fueled an almost addictive obsession. I'm trying to wean myself off in a way I seemed incapable of during during the general election itself. Because even though I know watching news attentively does not alter the news I'm watching, I none the less felt almost an obligation to hear everything in a way I haven't with elections before.

And among those things I'm using to try to wean me off of it, I am trying to write more. I won't lie and say I'm nearly there, but I dropped off the map for reason, and hopefully that reason will soon be going away. And I'll try to let you know how that's going sooner than the five months I waited this time!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A few kinds of updating

So, after long last, some very overdue site maintenance has been done. All the little things I keep forgetting to do.

But I also want to be blunt about my lack of posting progress. When I started this series, I was in a very different place in my life. I've spent most of my life either a student, unemployed or underemployed. Since last summer, that's been different. I've been working longer days than I ever have, but it's long days doing more than just bit jobs that leave my mind starving for escape. I believe I've mentioned most of this before, but I'm not sure if I've ever been so blunt about it.

Work continues slowly, but I'm also at a spot that may need to create an even longer wait than usual. When I was going full steam I liked to leave myself a buffer. I'd have a gap between what I've finished and what I've posted. On many occasions, writing ahead like that I'd realize that I painted myself into a corner without realizing it. I don't like to make edits beyond spelling and typos once I post, so if something would be easier for me if x were actually y then I'd just change it before posting. I utilized it several times and it's made the story seem much more coherent and planned.

I started not doing that as much as my speed slowed. But I was also in an area where that was less important because things were less connected. Now they are becoming more connected where the possibility of easily painting myself into a corner more easily. So, it will likely still be more time. Sorry.

But I have a consolation! 

I have a small part I know for sure will not need to be changed at all. So even though it's not exactly how the story starts out (though it's close) it should make rough sense as is and give y'all a little something as you continue to wait. It's taking place on the morning before the party as Ravi wakes up. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Part 23 - Andrea and the Opulent Mall

Part 23 - Andrea and the Opulent Mall - PDF Version

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This is new and as of now, not posted anywhere else. I hope you all enjoy.

Part 23 Summary

Part 23 takes place several days after the last story, nearing the end of Andrea, Megan and Zainab's spring break. Spoilers below.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Long overdue update

Hello again. Sorry it's been near silence since the new year. Where does the time go, seriously? How is it already half way into March?

I've still been writing, and I've gotten quite a lot accomplished. I'm still not quite to the end of this particular story, but I'm much closer to the end than the beginning. It will be a longer than some of my recent stories, it's already longer than any of the last ten or so and it's still got several pages at least to get through. And I know this may only serve to tantalize more, but it also is very different from this last chapter in the amount of "action" going on. Part 22 had a lot of plot I needed to get through, and not much of it could be accomplished on a sexualized backdrop. What I'm working on now is much more sexual, and gets back to the kind of stuff I love: setting up interesting ideas with enough detail to let you picture it, enough action and description to not put all the work on your imagination, but enough unsaid to let your mind wander.

I understand this can sound like a bit of a tease, but what can I say I like to tease! I'm still not confident I can say exactly when this will come out, but it's probably 80-90% done. I don't know if that helps or hurts the wait time, but there it is.

And if you're one of those who want to know the second it's ready, there should be an rss feed or a email notification (I don't personally see the email address) that sends out a message every time something new is posted.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Part 22 - Sophia and the Open Sea

Part 22 - Sophia and the Open Sea - PDF Version

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This is new and as of now, not posted anywhere else. I hope you all enjoy.

Part 22 Summary

Part 22 starts the morning after the new years party that took place in part 21, still in Surda. Spoilers below.

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